Because of other Time-Consuming projects, I have now transfered the rights for this domain to Forsvarets Flysamling at Gardermoen which is in a better situation to update the public about the ongoing restoration of Ju88 U4+TK.  

It has been a nice experience to cover the restoration progress at the museum, first to Ju 88 CF+VP in December 2000 when the page was first launched, then later Ju 88 U4+TK from 2004.

I want specially to thank my co-webmaster and leader of the restoration team, Guttorm Fjeldstad for the support during the years.

This page will continue to exist until further notice but will not be updated by me, however it will still be possible to keep a track on the restoration through this
Facebook group. 

All the best,

Tormod Christiansen, Webmaster #2,
August 15
th 2018.

Dedicated to the restoration of  Ju88A-1 Wnr. 088119, U4+TK by the Norwegian Defence Museum at Gardermoen Air Force Museum. 

If you have questions about the restoration you can contact Ju88 restoration Project Coordinator Guttorm Fjeldstad or curator Anders Utgaard.




Information about the new Ju88 model by Revell GmbH


Push the Revell buttom to see more information about the Model kit based on U4+TK.



The restoration team wish to thank the following individuals/firms for their help in the restoration work: